to create japan!

because it's my dream!

      Welcome, visitor, to Warm Light on a Winter's Day, the only TAFL approved fanlisting and an upcoming fansite dedicated to the character Azuma Kazuma from the anime and manga series, Yakitate!! Japan, by Takashi Hashiguchi. This fanlisting was adopted from Loika, who graciously let me take over. Navigation is located at your left. You are more than welcomed to browse around to your liking, and find anything that intrests you. Please do enjoy yourselves while your here, and if you happen to be a fan of this adorable clueless artisan, you can read the rules, grab a code and join the fanlisting! :D


      Also please be aware that the essays and opinion peices here are my own interpretation based on canon evidence from the manga, so I don't expect anyone to agree with me at all (after all, I'm only expressing my adoration and love for this character). Theres also Unmarked Spoilers lurking about, so make sure you don't read anything unless you're up to date with the current chapters. Other than that, enjoy your stay and be sure to sign the guestbook on your way out!

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